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take one's course的中文翻译 take one's course 接受某人的课程 course 英[kɔ:s] 美[kɔ:rs] n. 课程; 航线; 行动方向; 一道菜; vt. 快速地流动; 奔流; 跑过; 追逐; vi. 沿…(方向)前进; 指引航线; 快跑; 迅速移动; [例句]Aircraft c...


one14day course of treatment 治疗one14day课程

八宝鸭 duck stuffed with the eight treasures 八宝冬瓜 eight jewelled white gourd 八宝豆腐 beancurd with eight delicious 八宝饭 steamed glutinous rice with eight treasures; "eight treasures" rice pudding 八宝鸡 stuffed chicken ...

Probably there is no one here who has not (in the course of the day) had occasion to set in motion a complex train {of reasoning of the...

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one course per term 每学期一个课程 one course per term 每学期一个课程

记录自己的课程 chart [英][tʃɑ:t][美][tʃɑ:rt] n. 图表; 航海图; 排行榜; vt. 绘制地图; 记录; 记述; 跟踪(进展或发展); 第三人称单数:charts 复数:charts 现在进行时:charting 过去式:charted 过去分词:charted 相关单词:Ch...

Some scientists think that one day animals may ...6 remember 7 moves 8 take 9 wrong 10 floors9...Of course , as we know , dogs can be trained...


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